We got the perfect blends to enlighten your mornings and snacking time.

Freshness and best ingredients are our promise.

NO preservatives or artificial additives!

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Premium Granolas for those who love to nourish their loved ones and themselves!

Our Flavours

Cranberries & Chia Seeds

Our blend of Cranberries, Chia Seeds and Almonds is the perfect breakfast or snack to kick off your day. Add it to your salad, eat it as it is or enjoy it with your fav ice-cream flavor!

Mango & Coconut

Loaded with Cashew nuts, Mango and Coconut, the perfect combination. No need to wait for holidays, beach and sand to take a break and enjoy tropical flavors!

Nutritional Facts

Cranberries & Chia Seeds

Mango & Coconut

Ideas to enjoy our Easy Peasy Granolas

Classic style: Granola parfait

To your mix of yogurt and fruits, add one of our blends.

Morning B-fast: Healthy cereal

You know the deal, just your fav milk plus one of our blends and off you go!

Crunchy Salad: Granola Croutons

Honor your greens! 

Bring to the next level your salad by sprinkling our Cranberries & Chia seed granola or Mango&Coconut Granola. Simply yummy! (check out our recipe)

Enhance your cravings: Granola topping

Guilt free-toppings! 

That ice-cream tastes better with our Easy Peasy Snacks blends.

Try our Banana&Granola Overnight Oats recipe!