Wellness at work is important. That is why we have created services for your fast-paced company.

Talks on:

  • Healthy Eating Habits that Work!
  • Boost your productivity at work through healthy habits.
  • Tasting events – healthy habits, healthy snacks

Bring our Easy Peasy Snacks to your company:

  • Snacks boxes for onboardings, events, bonding tastings, and more.
  • Snacks service supply 
  • Healthy snacks-bar

“Oats are a great source of energy and fibre and help to satisfy hunger. It is also beneficial for the brain given the levels of choline that the body uses to produce acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter for memory”.

SDG’s we support

Caring for the present and the future. | We don’t need a batch to be committed, our actions are stronger than our words.

In Easy Peasy, we have incorporated the concept of flexible packaging given its convenience to transport and its low volume as well as to guarantee it´s freshness as our products are preservative-free. During its manufacturing and transport, flexible packaging requires less water and energy, and given it´s low volume, a large number of packages can be shipped in one vehicle reducing the number of vehicles and therefore the emission of greenhouse gases. It is known that one truckload of flexible flat pouches often equals to more than 15 truckloads of empty rigid containers. 

  • You can consider these efforts as part of the SDG 7 which advocates for Affordable and Clean Energy.

Our products are locally produced and in controlled size of batches, to guarantee its freshness and rotation. Although we source our ingredients from overseas, the difference between a locally produced and an imported finished product is that the second is more vulnerable to supply chain disruption such as the current Covid situation where importing times have increased significantly. By then, the quality of the products decreases due to shipping lead times from overseas, custom clearance lead time, and shelf time at the store -in contrast with Easy Peasy´s only shelf time – and a fraction of them have to be discarded because either they are near to expiry date nor have already expired.

  • This practice is aligned with the SDG 12 focused on ensuring responsible consumption and production.

Also, our Easy Peasy members receive a glass jar, upon subscription, which can be used to store our products (SDG 12). Those who order more than 2 of the same flavour (250gr presentation), we deliver them in a 500 gr packaging. That way, the number of bags per customer is reduced to half. 

  • Imagine, each member consumes at least 24 products in a year, that is 24 packs of waste generated. When they receive 1 larger pack they are reducing their packaging waste generation to half. Therefore, we are contributing to the reduction of waste that will end up in our Semakau Landfill, which is projected to reach its maximum capacity by 2035 if no attempts for waste reduction are taken.

We value and support other businesses and collaborate with others. We partner with courier companies to run our logistic operations, and we see it beneficial in two ways: 

  • Doing business with other companies, we contribute to the local economy, making it more resilient. 
  • Reducing the number of new vehicles in the roads and emissions generation (SGD12).