Better world initiatives

This is the only one planet we have, and since the beginning, we were called to be stewards of the creation in any way we can. As an-on-growing business, we have focused on the following lines of the SDG goals. Although perfection does not exist, we are focusing on the followings:


Our products are carried on of flexible packaging.

Its Convenient…

  • Low volume, transport optimization thus less gas emissions.
  • Freshness for longer as our products are preservative-free. 
  • 11 truckload of flexible flat pouches = more than 15 truckloads of empty rigid containers. 

Waste reduction to a half when members order 500-gr of the same flavour.

  • Free glass of jar for first-time members
  • 1 member consumes in average 24 granolas of 250gr in a year.
  • 500gr size packs are sent when members order 2 regular-sized products of the same flavour.
  • Less waste to our Semakau Landfill, projected to reach its maximum capacity by 2035 if no attempts for waste reduction are taken.

Taking care of you and the supply chain…

  • Local production and in controlled size of batches, guarantee its freshness and rotation. Say NO to food waste.
  • Supply chain disruptions can happen anytime, therefore, importing ingredients can be less risky than playing with shelf life and quality of finished goods.

Collaboration and support drives our boat! 

Courier companies run our logistic operations, and we see it beneficial in two ways: 

  • Resilient local economy: we do business with other companies.
  • Removing vehicles off the road and unnecessary emissions!