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Mae Santos

Easy Peasy Granola is my current favorite breakfast and snack companion. There is something wonderful about knowing your food is all natural. Easy Peasy granola make my breakfast a lot yummier and interesting! Only family makes food specially for you and my Easy Peasy Snacks family knows my needs!

Xin Ru

“I prefer granola that is flavorful in a light refreshing way and has lots of superfoods! And this granola is really good! Not too sweet and with a whiff of cinnamon. It is a great fit with Dr. Michael Grege’s daily dozen checklist”!

Ruo Fan

The Cranberries&Chia Seeds Granola is very different from the usual granola that I usually have, which is typically sweet and baked. Although this is a much healthier version it tastes really good, and even better!


“We are really enjoying the Overnight Oats for eating as breakfast and snacks. Even my kid is now engaged in breakfast preparation creating its own flavors and recipes! We love it!”


“I so loooove your Granola!!!The aroma is mouthwatering. Nothing beats fresh and natural ingredients, what a great job!”